National Education Drive

Aim of Education is overall growth of an individual. Any time, it fails to provide the livelihood and peace to the seeker, its aim is incomplete, so we have initiated the mammoth program of NATIONAL EDUCATION DRIVE.
To create a world of opportunities and skill so that no one remains oppressive and uneducated or unemployed.
Making Education more sustainable and fulfilling

Our Aim

NATIONAL EDUCATION DRIVE aims at providing opportunities of work for individuals according to their education and skills also various start-ups and MSME firms get suitable and desired workforce by this mission.

Reach Out To Schools

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Any cause gets accomplished and reaches its pinnacle only when it has a reach vast number of needy people. We are aiming at providing support to those schools in gloom and are seeking help. Hence finding and helping more and more such schools is what we are looking forward to. Reaching out to schools through […]

Bring all uneducated folks under the School Roof

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There are many NGOs and individuals imparting basic education to uneducated people for their betterment but what they lack is the established school education. We are putting all our efforts to bring maximum people under the formal School education system by collaborating with schools for seeking their infrastructure so that kids/people can nurture themselves as […]

Practical knowledge Oriented Curriculum

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Seeing the rising numbers of people who lack in formal education and skill, we have come up with a curriculum that is a commendation to government’s skill India mission. Under this programme, we will collaborate with various MSMEs for visits and training of unskilled people so that they can gain practical knowledge about the machinery […]

Teacher / Volunteer Teaching strategy Program

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Every nook and corner of our country is mushrooming with schools but how many are providing the worthy education is still questionable. Most of the schools lack good teachers. Though teachers have sufficient knowledge but many times that knowledge is not well-imparted to kids and hence there comes a glitch in educational system that has […]

Linking talented Rural India with Digital world

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We have seen the mammoth power of various Digital mediums in recent past. It has shrunk the world and helped millions to earn their respect, empowerment and livelihood. Though the reach of internet is remarkable in urban spaces and towns but our villages are still waiting for this revolution to happen. We are planning to […]

Moving from Un-Skilled to Skilled

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The purpose of Education is unaccomplished if it is unable to bring livelihood.With National Educational Drive, we are aiming at transforming Un-skilled people into skilled workforce which helps them in fulfilling the necessities of life.

Bridge the Gap between the Educated but Unskilled and Skilled but Uneducated

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The purpose of Education is to teach you the skills of survival and success at the same time. There are people who may not have any formal education but are adept technicians and also exists those who are holding various degrees but still lack the basic practical approach and show little or no skill. We […]

Associating relevant workforce with the relevant Industry

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The success of any industry or individual depends on the desired output they give and that desired output maximizes only when individual has required skill set. We are industry experts in associating relevant workforce fulfilling all the skill criteria so that individual can grow and learn further and industry can utilize the knowledge of associated […]

Together We Can Make IT Big !

Education is paramount in everybody’s life and attaining it is our right but not every society is able enough to provide fair and proper education to all.
We started with a dream of creating a utopian society that offers equal educational opportunities to every kid and hence build a progressive and impregnable nation.
Our vision is strengthened by the support of various respectable thinkers and philanthropists who will outline the programme and guide us always.